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What is MONQ Aromatherapy?

How Does MONQ Work?



Essential Oil Safety

Is MONQ for Everyone?

Are there any Illegal Substances in MONQ?

What is in MONQ? What’s Not in MONQ?

MONQ is Not an e-Cigarette

MONQ is Safe

MONQ Original Portable Diffusers

How do I use it?

How long does it last?

Is this a vaporizer?

Can I refill or recycle?

MONQ R Rechargeable Diffusers

How do I use this?

How long do the pods last?

How long does the battery last after it is fully charged?

Can I mix and match blends?

How do I charge the diffuser/know if the diffuser is charging?

How do I charge the MONQ R case/how do I know if the case is charging?

What blends do we offer in the MONQ R?

Can I use my MONQ diffusers with the MONQ R?

Why is it called MONQ R?

Can the Blend PODs be exchanged for other Blend PODs?

Are the Blend PODS recyclable?

What if the MONQ R PODS run out?

Bottled Blends

Can I refill my MONQ diffuser with your bottle blends?

How can I use my Therapeutic Fragrance bottled blends?


How do I use your bottled blends with a passive necklace diffuser?


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